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About Natasha

Hardcore nerd happened to become an artist and not a physicist, so now working in gaming industry.

Natasha Skult (1984) was born in Belgrade (Serbia) where she received her M.A. degree from Faculty of Applied Arts – Department of Wall Art at University of Arts Belgrade. She graduated from Academy in 2008 as the best student of generation (diplomas and awards from foundations “Branko Sotra” and “Aleksandar Tomasevic”) with average mark 9,97/10,00.

Awarded as student of generation of Faculty of Applied Arts and University of Arts Belgrade for 2007/2008 which was followed by the Serbian national award “St. Sava” in 2009 for special contribution to the development of education in Serbia in 2008.

At the moment she is PhD candidate and teacher of game design and digital arts at University of Turku (Finland). Along the academic work, she is CEO and Creative Director at MiTale Ltd.

Current positions and activities

~ Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director at MiTale Ltd.

~ Chairperson of IGDA.

~ Founder and Lead Organizer of W Love Games Conference.

~ Board Member at Neogames Finland.

~ Chairperson of The HIVE – Turku Game Hub.

~ Chairperson of IGDA Game Art SIG.

~ Lead of IGDA Finland program “IGDA Future”.

~ Co-founder of Red Nettle Studio.

~ Co-founder of BitByByte Creations.

~ Vice-Chair at Snowfall Ltd.

~ Doctoral Candidate at University of Turku – Faculty of Humanities, Department of Art History.

PhD Research : Art Replicas – Understanding the Art Through its Copy

~ Organizing and teaching the course “Authenticity and its Variations in Visual Culture (level I and II)” at University of Turku since 2013.

~ Teaching the course “Game Design” at University of Turku since 2017.

~ Teaching the course “Digital Art Master Class” at University of Turku since 2018.

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