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Where Traditional Art Meets Latest Gaming Technologies

I am a hard-core nerd with background in both digital and classical art production along with doctoral academic research. This is why my work and creative challenges lay in education and high-tech development.

Why Games?

We live in an era where an art-piece can finally respond to the spectator! Games are new medium of expression – an art form of interactive storytelling, which enables us to provide visual narrative filled with an emotional impact.

My methods

Mission & Vision

I believe in hard work and have a stubborn mindset for ideas worth pursuing. As a doctoral candidate, university teacher and professional artist with degrees in classical and digital art production, my super-power is a multidisciplinary approach to every challenge that presents itself.

Years of working experience in many diverse projects has enabled me to provide any concepts needed with punctuality and proficiency in any desired media.

How May I Help?

Artistic Vision

Your game, product or a service needs an unique visual language to put competitors aside.


Wish to expand your business potential and need consultancy in game business development, game production, finding the right investors and publishers.

IP and Licencing

You work on games for 3rd party IP and need help in creating most success out of a product with existing brand.

Building own brand and licencing opportunities – make it big!

Wish to know more?

If you are interested in collaboration, please feel free to contact me any time!

Wish to see my digital art process for game development?

Tune in to Twitch.TV every Wednesday from 6PM (GMT +3)